Winding up to NaNoWriMo – HALP!

Okay, folks, it’s NaNoWriMo time! I could really use your input. I like the first two ideas, but I just can’t see how I can get 50K words out of them. My old chestnut, the TW/Sherlock crossover, has promise, and I can definitely get 50K words, but the characters’ voices are very faint in my head. I haven’t watched Torchwood in over a year and, while Captain Jack is truly unforgettable, I worry that too much time has passed for people to want to read it when I eventually post it.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall here’s the list so far.

One of the ideas is slightly NSFW but not overly so, just letting you know!

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Easy Listening (aka My Favorite Podcasts)


So I haven’t updated in forever, so here’s a quick list of what I’m listening to these days!

Podcasts! So many podcasts. My morning/evening commute, road trips, just about any time I’m in the car, I have my iPod plugged in and I’m listening to people either tell me a story or talk about things that interest me. Here’s a list of the ones I like best.
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I did it

I did it!

I posted the last chapter of MWD last night. At 41,797 words, it marks a new milestone as the longest fic, solo or collaborative, that I’ve finished since I began writing fic back in the 90s (ah, X-Files).

32K or so of this fic was written in November 2015, and I started posting the edited chapters around the end of January. I reached the end of THAT content around March, and wrote the remaining 9K over the next couple months, posting a chapter every week or so.

That last chapter, however, took me a month as I worked through creative slumps, trying to find the source of my frustration with happy endings and resolving it enough to finish this story on a high note, and a few tears here and there.

I know I thanked folks in the story notes, but I want to mention them here too:

Sarah C – Without your suggestion of the story concept beyond the initial prompt, this fic wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground in November. Thank you.

Rudi – My girl. When I need a hug, a distraction, more encouragement, brainstorming ideas, or a virtual kick in the ass, you were there through it all. Thank you.

Ricechex – Your fannish enthusiasm and brainstorming and encouragement and fresh perspective into my writing and words I’d already vomited out made my story better. Thank you.

Heather B – Your encouragement meant so much, especially when I know you’re not a fan of the show. Thank you.

The fanfic workshop at 221Bcon 2016 – The unbridled enthusiasm and interest you folks showed at my story concept helped keep me writing towards that happy ending. Thank you.

The Hampton Roads NaNoWriMo crew – Without all of you, fannish or otherwise, I wouldn’t have found that creative place to get me writing again. Thank you.

I don’t plan on stopping, either! The first edited chapter of my Teen Wolf AU has been sent for beta (thanks in advance to Sally B, my very first internet friend – so glad we’re back in touch!), and I hope to started posting that in the next few weeks! This was my NaNo project from 2014, and I already have 50K written for that, so we’ll see how much of it stays in the finished product.

For all of the frustrations and creative blocks and “How the hell am I gonna get these crazy kids together?”, I love writing. I especially love writing fanfic, and I hope that inspiration continues as I watch new shows or get fresh inspiration while watching old shows.

AOL bedgif

Rest easy, Steve. Your work here is done…for now 😀

Lions and Tigers and Jaguars, oh my!


So let me tell you a thing.

My friend Ricechex, knowing that I enjoyed (for the most part) the Cut & Run series, shamefully withheld VITAL information about a book series she thought I might like until this past week. Four days and six books later, I’ve forgiven her, but I feel I should spread the word about them.

I’m talking about the THIRDS series, by Charlie Cochet.

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Writing is easy, young man. Editing’s harder.


So I’ve reached the point in my writing life where I can be more critical and ruthless when it comes to editing, and I’m cutting entire scenes instead of just editing words here and there. This is a good thing!

However, I can’t help feeling the residual frustration over having to take them out. Some scenes have emotional beats! Some scenes are just sweet id-inspired moments! But they have to go.

I keep telling myself that the story has to move forward with every scene, especially when I had four chapters of buildup just to get my pairing to meet, and even then they haven’t “officially” met (this is Steve the Dog, after all). Some readers are already thinking ahead to when Steve is back to his body and he and Danny can work out their awkward feelings.  I’ve had to cut three scenes just to get it to two more chapters until Steve makes it back to his body and can try to work through how much he liked being part of that little family unit and how he feels about Danny before the exciting conclusion/denouement.

This is what happens when so many scenes in my NaNo were written during word sprints. UGH.

At least I can admit to myself that not all words/scenes are effective in the scope of the story, even if they were fun to write.  LOOK MA! I’M GROWING!

Update and Miscellaneous Musings

It’s been a while, and I accidentally deleted my working copy of my fic to edit at lunch (arrrrgh). Time for an update!

First things first, I started posting Steve the Dog to AO3!  You can find it here, with the working title of MWD. It’s gotten good feedback so far, and the HIGH praise of, “This premise is off the wall, but you’re writing it convincingly!” That made me puff up and preen a little, and hopefully the feedback will motivate me to finish the story. Four chapters have been posted so far. When that’s done, then I’ll start posting  ‘Once Around, Please’, my Westminster Dog Show Sterek AU.

Speaking of! I’m looking forward to Westminster this year, and will have to rely on the DVR to catch my usual Monday and Tuesday fare if I can resist the call of X-Files and The Flash. Last year I skipped the show, but this year I’m excited to see it again. For those who enjoy watching the agility competition, I’m pretty sure that starts on Saturday. There are seven new breeds in the AKC this year that can compete in conformation, including the big, beautiful Boerboel (South African Mastiff). I may still be partial to the toys, but have to admire the giants just for the sheer scale of them. May the best dog win!

I signed up to get a style box from Dia & Co, a plus-sized ‘personal shopper’ of sorts that sends out a selection of clothing based on a personal style survey that you fill out when you sign up. You keep whatever fits and ship back the rest, and shipping is free for both. I can’t wait to see what they pick out for me, and I hope I can afford what they send me! I’ll try to post pictures 🙂

Things have been shifting around here at work, both desk-wise and department-wise. The dust is still settling from it all, and some people are NOT happy, but I’m still in my cube, my job is still safe, and we’re in department meetings for most of the week as things shake out.

X-FILES IS BACK. OMG X-FILES IS BACK and it’s amazing and I’ve loved every episode so far and I can’t believe there are only two left. Last night’s episode broke my heart and turned my stomach in equal measure, but it’s great to see Mulder and Scully back. The fact that it’s a continuation of the series means they have eight years of canon to draw from and the writers have done it effortlessly. If you were a fan of the show back in the day, or have come to it via Netflix, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Despite the woeful under-utilization of A.D. Skinner, it’s been a fantastic ride so far.

On a more introspective note, I find myself making what I’ve started calling “transitory acquaintances”. At my old job, my commute was such that I didn’t see anyone between home and work. Here in Norfolk, I park in a big parking garage and walk a block and a half to the office.  There are friends I’ve made because we all take the parking lot elevator together, a gentleman I say hello to because we pass each other on the sidewalk nearly every day, and a few other people that I see during my walk to and from my parking space.

There was one woman I struck up a conversation with because she made me laugh on the elevator one day. I enjoyed seeing her and talking with her in the brief moments we shared in the elevator. I know she got a job closer to home and I wish her well, even though I never learned her name. Once I get a parking space in my office garage, I’m going to miss that contact, little bits of social interaction that make life interesting.

Lastly, my birthday is approaching (Feb 19), and I got an unexpected and early gift from my Aunt.


Yay, crochet needles! Now I can learn more crochet and not lament the need for proper equipment. Yay, KonMari book! Everyone’s been raving about this in the organization/decorating circles, and I can’t wait to read and apply it to my wardrobe and my apartment.

I also took the day off on my birthday and booked a hair appointment; gonna get highlights with a few pink streaks amid the blonde! I can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a good week!