Well, it’s been a heck of a year so far, with the biggest developments this month!

Quick recap:

The balance I spoke of in January has been achieved. I’m doing well at work and in my classes, and maintaining an A average in the latter. I made it through my first semester and am taking another ASL course this summer. It’s been challenging, but I’m very much enjoying it and learning more about sign language and Deaf Culture. This fall I’ll be taking a Deaf History course and can’t wait to be fascinated by new things and outraged at Alexander Graham Bell (Seriously, google it. It’s ugly.).

I’m still doing social things, just on an individual level instead of a group level. Still doing D&D with friends, but otherwise mostly hanging with people on a onesie-twosie basis. Well, let’s be real. Mostly just with Ricechex 🙂 It’s been awesome.

I’m definitely more active this summer, and have been to the pool more this summer than all my previous summers combined. It’s been fantastic, especially when it’s too hot to go for my post-meal walkies. I take a pool noodle and straddle that, treading water while up to my neck in coolness instead of the blazing sun.

Diabetes is under control as well! As of May, my A1C dropped from 6.1 to 5.9! I’m very pleased, and hope to continue the downward trend by eating less restaurant/fast food so I have a better idea of carb counts. The exercise seems to be helping as much as the diet changes and I feel fantastic.

So! The big development:

After doing some research and getting a massive financial boost from Mom, I’m in the process of buying a condo! When I realized I could cut my monthly housing payments by hundreds of dollars, it just made sense, and when mom offered to help me with a down payment, it made the decision even easier. My apartments made it EVEN EASIER with their buy-out addendum that lets me out of my lease by paying only a single month’s rent.

The process is moving so quickly that it has me reeling! Less than ten days ago I made the decision, three days later I was pre-qualified for a loan and spent a Saturday looking at townhomes and condos with my realtor. The last place I saw was absolutely perfect. I put in an offer that day, and two days later it was accepted by the seller. Three days after that was the home inspection that turned up minor, easily fixable issues, and now I’m waiting for the seller to agree to fix things and the loan process to move along. My aim is to close on the place and get the keys as close to 8/1/17 as possible. My move-out date for the apartment is 9/5/17, so I’ll have all of August to get what I need done in the new place, move my stuff in, and clean the old apartment so I’m not charged for a bunch of things.

People keep asking me if I’m excited about everything. I’m…not really sure yet? Things are still progressing. I’m doing my research and getting everything ready for a potential mid-August move. I have to buy a washer and dryer. I have to buy a big-girl couch. I have to get at least the bedrooms in the new place painted. I haven’t had time to get excited when everything is still in flux. The best I can do is keep moving forward and maybe I’ll be more excited when I can get the keys and REALLY get moving.

It hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing.

Every time I’ve had to move into a new apartment, my mother has been there to help finish packing and cleaning and to help me unpack in the new place. Every time I’ve had to move prior to this one, I’ve had very few people I can count on, and her help was invaluable. However, while I appreciate her workhorse attitude and her energy when cleaning up, never have things been more emotionally ugly between us than during these chaotic days.

This transition is different. I’m moving into a space I own, not rent. I’ve lived here three years and my social life has exploded. I have friends who can help me with things. I want to look back on this time with exhausted happiness, not with frustration and suppressed anger because if I appear the least bit ungrateful, I’m clearly the unreasonable one. This is my nest, my territory, and it’s time to welcome people into it on my terms.

Even mom.

She’s given me a great gift in her financial support, and I can’t thank her enough for it. I have a fantastic group of friends who can support me locally (emotionally and physically) through the move and unpacking. Once I’ve unpacked, I have a couch in the living room for her to sit on and a bed in the guest room for her to relax, I can show her the place with everything settled, instead of in chaos.

Anyway! Here are some photos of the new place – I smile every time I look at them (hover over pics for captions).




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