NaNo idea: Acquired and Outlining!


You guys, I am SO STOKED. Thanks so much to my friend Londa who plot-stormed with me and gave me that spark I needed to fan into a flame of inspiration. I’ve already set the story up in Scrivener and am working on an outline that expands with every person I tell about said idea.

It’s gonna be H50 fanfic, a shifter AU (because shifters are my JAM), and this is the first out of the other ideas I’ve thought about that I can see reaching 50K words. Here’s the basic premise:

This is a world where shifters are known, but they are rare (recessive genetics) and shunned/underclass; in the USA, civil protections for them are left up to the states (no federal protections as yet). Hawaii is one of the safest  US states for shifters to live because of its distance from the mainland and the native Islanders are more inclined to be friendly to them because of their legends and beliefs.

Steve is a shifter, coveted by the military because hey, claws and stealth and rapid reflexes/healing make him perfect for special forces/SEAL stuff. When he’s approached by the Governor of Hawaii after his father’s death, he’s reluctant even when she tells him that she’s aware of his status and will continue to keep it secret. The H50 pilot canon happens and now Steve is running Five-0 and keeping his secret.

The fic starts with a scientist found murdered in his home. Through their investigation the team finds out that he was a government contractor working on tech that could “scan” for shifters without having to worry about getting a DNA sample to analyze. The tech is missing, and the murder suspect/thief could be anyone: the government who want the tech, other organizations that want to steal the tech, or anyone who could be threatened by the tech, especially after they discover that the scientist has been using the tech to discover prominent local and tourist shifters and blackmailing them to keep their status a secret.

I can’t WAIT to dig into this come November 1st.


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