Winding up to NaNoWriMo – HALP!

Okay, folks, it’s NaNoWriMo time! I could really use your input. I like the first two ideas, but I just can’t see how I can get 50K words out of them. My old chestnut, the TW/Sherlock crossover, has promise, and I can definitely get 50K words, but the characters’ voices are very faint in my head. I haven’t watched Torchwood in over a year and, while Captain Jack is truly unforgettable, I worry that too much time has passed for people to want to read it when I eventually post it.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall here’s the list so far.

One of the ideas is slightly NSFW but not overly so, just letting you know!

H50: Porn Star/Castle AU (stay with me, I promise it’s fun):

When Steve was still a bisexual male-preferring squid, pining under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he was in NYC for Fleet Week, and ended up having an unforgettable one-night stand with his favorite porn star, Danny Decker. It was amazing, he went back to his ship with a smile and lots of memories to carry him through tougher times.

Years pass. Five-0 happens, he’s doing his thing, and one day the governor visit their HQ and says that a prominent author is looking for inspiration to his new series and will be shadowing the team for the next few months. Steve bridles at his work being compromised and then said author arrives and HOLY SHIT IT’S HIM.

“Danny Williams. It’s great to meet you.”

Together, they fight crime! And fall in love, because I love McDanno.

H50: Superhero-vigilante/EMT AU:

Steve is still the Commander of Five-0, but back during his time in the Navy he was dosed with something like the Super Soldier Serum (Super Sailor Serum?) which gave him accelerated healing, enhanced strength and reflexes – it makes foot chases/tackles a lot easier when you can take hits that would knock other guys flat.

However, Steve knows that not everyone has his Naval Intelligence background, his training, and his connections to deal with the bad things that happen to good people. With his abilities and the knowledge of the kinds of criminals that slither through the cracks of the legal system, he can’t just let that go. With the help of Kawika and the Kapu, he becomes Pokani (Hawaiian for dark or starless night), masked vigilante of Oahu. Word of this has spread across the island with Kawika’s help and he does enough that the police have started looking into Pokani’s activities in hopes of apprehending him.

Things are going well until he takes a bad hit with a tire iron and can’t get away in time before the first responders arrive on-scene, and Danny the EMT finds this masked mook hiding behind a dumpster and cradling what looks like a broken arm and shushing him frantically.

Together, they fight crime! And fall in love, because I love McDanno.

Last but not least…

Sherlock/Torchwood Crossover


Yes, this is the same idea from the last two years, inspired by this amazing fanart (if anyone knows who did this one, please let me know!). John Watson worked for Torchwood before he met Sherlock, but quit after a huge falling out with Jack (his leaving left Jack on a search for doctor, and that’s when he found Owen). He might have been Retconned, but he still remembered enough to find another purpose chasing danger behind a man in a long coat and a gorgeous ass.

The fic would encompass John and Jack’s meeting and his adventures with Torchwood after Afghanistan, and likely culminate in the beginning of Sherlock’s canon.

And that’s all I have.  I’m worried that I’m not as inspired this year as I was the last two NaNos. I’m still not done editing my 2014 NaNo novel that I actually got to 50K words. I want to write, dangit! I need a hook that grabs me instead of, “Meh, these look fun, I suppose.”




2 thoughts on “Winding up to NaNoWriMo – HALP!

  1. I vote for the Sherlock/Torchwood crossover, but that could possibly be because I don’t know anything about H50 to be honest. Not that I know a ton about Sherlock or Torchwood for that matter, but I’ve seen some of them at least.

    Also, Danny Williams was the name of our premier not too long ago, so that made me chuckle a little, hee. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeff! This one is going to be on the list until I actually write it. I’m really struggling with feeling inspired this year for some reason.

      And HAHAHA Danny Williams will always be a feisty blond detective who came to Hawaii and misses New Jersey.

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