Easy Listening (aka My Favorite Podcasts)


So I haven’t updated in forever, so here’s a quick list of what I’m listening to these days!

Podcasts! So many podcasts. My morning/evening commute, road trips, just about any time I’m in the car, I have my iPod plugged in and I’m listening to people either tell me a story or talk about things that interest me. Here’s a list of the ones I like best.

Journalistic (talking about stuff):

Serial – I’d listened to podcasts back in the day, but stopped for reasons I can’t even remember, but it was this podcast that got me back into it, and pretty much introduced general public to podcasts. Sponsored by NPR, the first “season” of this podcasts follows the arrest and conviction of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend and is serving a life sentence. Host Sarah Koenig decides to take a look at the evidence again, including a potential alibi witness, and retraces the steps that the police took in hopes of uncovering something new.

How Did This Get Made? – This podcasts cracks me up. The three hosts take a movie that’s pretty much known as a bad movie and make fun of it. They have another person who tries to track down the people involved to see if they have interesting stories of the making of said movies. Best episode to start with? Their live episode about “Deep Blue Sea” is my favorite ‘intro’ episode to get people hooked, but if you recognize any of your favorites on the episode list, feel free to start there too. (NSFW for language)

The OTPodcast – This is a fandom podcast – the name is derived from OTP, or One True Pairing, the characters in your fandom that you want to see together. The podcast itself talks about fanfiction and all of the interesting aspects of it, including tropes and shipping and fanfic statistics when it comes to the rises and falls of fandom. I enjoy this one a lot.

Fansplaining – This is also a fandom podcast, but unlike the OTPodcast, this one widens its scope to talk about fandom in general. This podcast got interesting REAL fast when they had a two-part “race in fandom” episode where they had several fans of color come on the podcast to discuss their experiences in fandom.  I really, REALLY like this podcast, as it shares insights into fandoms that I usually don’t share (sports, video games), and their guests and commentary are interesting with each new episode.

Lore – This is a podcast about weird and interesting things that spook us out as a species, and it’s FASCINATING. This guy has researched the folklore of various times and cultures and brings them together in a 30ish-minute podcast that’s perfect for my morning commute.

The X-Files Files – Kumail Nanjiani of HBO’s Silicon Valley was a huge fan of the X-Files when he was growing up in Pakistan, and he created this X-Files re-watch podcast because of his love for the show and how it was one of the first fandoms to grow up with the internet.  Since he’s in show business, he’s been able to secure some top-notch guests, including Mark Snow (show composer), Darin and Glen Morgan, and Dean Haglund (Langley of The Lone Gunmen).  The podcast became so popular that Darin Morgan even wrote a part for him in the X-Files revival miniseries.  Sadly, Nanjiani and his wife are busy with other projects at the moment, but it’s worth listening to if you’re a fan who wants to know where it all came from. (also NSFW for language)

So those are the fun ones for learning about stuff or just good topical podcasts. All of these are also available via iTunes, for those who have iPods.




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