Thoughts and weekend plans

David Bowie

I was sad to see the news of David Bowie’s death. To me, he was an 80s icon, the Goblin King, and I always smile when listening to his 80s hits.

Despite the David Bowie indoctrination from my abusive ex (long story), seeing David Bowie live was a definite highlight of my limited concert experiences. Seeing him on the Earthling tour at the Electric Factory was, well, electric, and my second favorite concert of all time. He was my first concert in 1990 during Sound and Vision, and I got to see him again at Area 2 on the Camden Waterfront during his Heathen tour.

I look forward to checking out his new and last work.

Alan Rickmansmall

The news of Alan Rickman’s death was somehow more of a shock. Maybe I was still semi-reeling about David Bowie. Maybe my memories of Alan Rickman aren’t tainted by the bullshit from my ex. I don’t know. I don’t have a close connection with Harry Potter, but so many of my friends do and they’re devastated (regardless of their opinions of Severus Snape).  I did love Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, as the Metatron in Dogma, and as Doctor Lazarus/Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest. He had a beautiful voice that will not be forgotten by anyone who has been asked to turn to page three hundred and ninety four.

In other news, my weekend windup begins! Tonight it’s Stitch & Bitch with the yarn ladies, tomorrow is Friday Night Writes with my NaNo friends (and H50 night with Ricechex), and Saturday is D&D with my awesome group of NaNo ladyfriends. Our food theme this week is “breakfast for dinner”, and I found a recipe for a slow-cooker breakfast casserole that should be tasty. Sunday will be a quiet chore day and Monday is a holiday and thus will be a sleep-in-and-sloth day. Maybe I’ll go to a coffee place and try and get some writing done. Maybe I’ll listen to some David Bowie and watch Galaxy Quest again. It’ll depend on the weather, both literal and emotional.

Have a great weekend, everyone!






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