Resolutions and Miscellany

I quite enjoyed both the first Stitch & Bitch (Thursday) and the first Write-in (Friday) of 2016! The gang at Knit Wits had a belated holiday party, and it was good to see everyone again after foregoing the yarn in November in favor of NaNoWriMo. One of my 2016 resolutions is to complete at least one project (if not more) that I began in 2015 before moving on to a new one for 2016.


The Write-In at the local Panera was CROWDED and, after three weeks of not really seeing anyone, more social than creative. It happens, and it was just as nice to see everyone and reconnect after the holidays. My second resolution for 2016 is to complete at least one fic that I began in 2015 (or, in the case of my Teen Wolf NaNo fic, 2014) and get it posted to AO3.

Considering that I ended up shredding my pile of shreddables yesterday when I was going to sit and write, this might be harder than I thought. What was that saying, that your dorm room is never as clean as finals week? We’ll see how that plays out!

Finally, I think I need to throttle back on reading the Raised By Narcissists subreddit. It put me in a really bad state of mind last night thinking about something my mother said to me and it took me forever to fall asleep. My therapist talked to me once about flooding myself with too much of what triggers my PTSD, and I’ve fallen back into that pattern. I’ll stick with Captain Awkward for a while.

Finally-finally, it’s a sad day when we lose an icon. RIP David Bowie. Your music and your influence will never be forgotten.


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