Holidays and year in review

So this was my first full year in Virginia Beach – LOTS of things went on!

  • I read Ready Player One and enjoyed it
  • I discovered Dragon Age: Inquisition and am still enjoying it
  • Drove to Richmond with Rudi to retrieve a Pillowsac chair


  • Rejoiced at the news of the X-Files coming back in 2016!
  • Attended 221Bcon and witnessed fandom history being made (and not in a good way)
  • Paid off Blue Ferrigno (my faithful little Yaris)
  • Attempted to adopt a kitten, but had to return him when Kensi was not happy in the least 😦
  • Went to the Outer Banks for the first time and had a GREAT week with Rudi and friends!

OBX crew

  • Helped rescue an injured hawk from Downtown Norfolk after a peregrine knocked it out of the air!


  • Said a sad farewell and good luck to Rudi as she journeyed from the east coast to the west coast to attend grad school. MISS YOU BB!
  • Sad an equally sad farewell and good luck to my friend Lis as she journeyed from Virginia to Florida when her father was transferred to Pensacola. MISS YOU LIS!
  • Fell headlong into the Star Wars hype and purchased a BB-8 from Sphero 😀


  • Started playing D&D again with an amazing group of ladies
  • Experienced my first hurricane scare with Joaquin first threatening, then veering away from the Virginia coast
  • Learned the basics on how to apply makeup and subscribed to Ipsy
  • Attempted NaNo for 2015 and made it to 32.6K words before life overtook my words
  • Returned to Philly for Thanksgiving this year and went to the Mutter Museum for the first time!


  • Discovered Hamilton and fell in love with Revolutionary history

And now it’s the end of the year, and I plan to have a quiet holiday season here in Virginia Beach, hopefully see Star Wars before I get spoiled, and spend time with friends before 2016 takes off running.

Have a great holiday season, everyone!


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