What did he say? “We’re halfway there!”

So while NaNoWriMo was having their Night of Writing Dangerously out in San Francisco, the Hampton Roads NaNo folks were having a similar event called the Epic Night of Writing Epic-ly (ENOWE).  I’d been looking forward to it because I’d fallen a little behind on my word count and needed a boost to get me writing more steadily again.

And it did! I got inspired during a word sprint and the plot twist that came out of it added an urgency to the story that it didn’t have before. I also met some cool new people and ate delicious food! My contribution to the potluck was COFFEE, tea, chai, and an assortment of dairy and non-dairy creamers.

I can’t WAIT to write at lunchtime today because I’m at a good part. I‘m less than 500 words away from 25,000 words, and hopefully this twist will give me more inspiration and take me through the bottom half of the month!

I have to write fast! I need to get this fella back to his human (and very attractive) body!

AOL bedgif2


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