The day before the day before NaNoWriMo

After careful consideration and consultation with some other creative people who improved on my original idea, I decided on Steve the Dog for NaNo this year.

Premise: Steve McGarrett stayed with the SEALs after his father’s death instead of leading the Governor’s task force but remained on Oahu at the Naval Base. He volunteered for an experimental infiltration/espionage program, working with scientists with the goal of projecting his consciousness into the body of a dog. The first lab-based experiments go well, but on his first ‘outside’ test run, something goes wrong and he wakes up, injured and trapped in the dog’s body with seemingly no way out.

The working title is “MWD” (for Military Working Dog) unless I think of something better – feel free to offer suggestions in the comments!

You can follow my progress here at my NaNo page 🙂

Tomorrow night I’ll be attending a Midnight Write-In with my local NaNo group, and when the clock strikes twelve, the typing begins – WISH ME WORDS!



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